Impressive Statistics: How Many Schools Are In The US 2015

I know you’re curious about how many schools are in the US. You might be thinking,’why is this blog post important?’ or ‘how many schools are in the US 2015?’.

Well I’m going to tell you. The number of public and private elementary and high schools in America has been steadily rising for decades now. This trend will continue as population growth continues to increase, with more kids being born every year.

In fact, relatively soon there will be a new baby born every second! So that’s why it’s important to know how many schools are in the US 2015- because it’ll give you an idea of what type of school your child may attend one day when they grow up here in America.

How many schools are in the US 2015
How many schools are in the US 2015

How many schools are in the US 2015

There are 98,000 schools in the US.

These schools range from preschool to colleges and universities. This number has been increasing with the rise of new educational establishments such as online courses and public charter schools .

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There has also been a decrease in religious based elementary and secondary education institutions although still considerably high compared to other countries such as India. Many Americans also homeschool their children, which is another option for an education rather than merely attending a school.

The most common type of US school is Elementary/Middle School or K-8th grade (K-6th for California) , where there is roughly 4 million students attending these types of institutions. Having attended both private and public K-8th grade institutions, I can say that the difference is very notable having two different styles of education.

How many schools are in the US 2015
How many schools are in the US 2015

Public school students are more likely to test lower on an international exam while private school students are much more competitive and provide a stronger environment for receiving learning.

The other types of schools in the US include High Schools (9-12th) which has about 2.6 million students, Elementary/Junior high (K-7th) with 434 thousand students, Junior colleges with 723 thousand students,

Specialized secondary institutions such as art schools etc with 228 thousand students, Bachelors granting universities or colleges with 4.5 million students and lastly graduate/professional institutions like medical school or law school with 825 thousand students .

How many students attended school in 2015?

In fall 2015, about K-12 students were enrolled in about 139,800 schools. In fall 2015 there were 46 million students enrolled in public and private elementary and secondary schools located in the United States.

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What kind of schools do most students attend?

In 2015-16, there were about 1.3 million private elementary and secondary school students and 43.1 million public school students in grades prekindergarten through grade 12.

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During the 2014–15 school year, some 75 percent of all prekindergarten through grade 12 students were enrolled in public schools, about 5 percent attended private schools, and 20 percent were homeschooled. Homeschooling is a growing form of instructional practice in the United States that parents choose for child or children.

What is the average class size in a US school?

The National Center for Education Statistics reported that during 2011-2012 there were an estimated 13 pupils per teacher in public elementary schools and 20 pupils per instructor at the secondary level. There was no measurable difference in the pupil/teacher ratio at the elementary or secondary level.

How many schools are in the US 2015
How many schools are in the US 2015

The Department of Education reported that during 2013-2014, there was a nationwide average class size of 18 students per teacher in public schools across grades 1-5 and 22 students per instructor in grades 6-8. At grade 9, there were 25 students for every teacher and 32 students for every instructor at grades 10-12.

What does the American student population look like?

In terms of student population distribution, the states with the highest enrollment numbers remain California and Texas, which each have well over a million students attending classes in 2014 .

The next four largest schools are New York , Florida , Illinois and Pennsylvania respectively while all other states put together still only add up to around half of the total enrollment size . At least since 2010, there has been a shift towards Hispanic students becoming a more dominant group within American colleges and universities.

White students represented less than 50% for the first time in 2013 while black Americans also made up almost 14%, Asians constituted 5 percent and 1.5% belonged to other minorities.

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F.A.Q How many schools are in the US 2015

How many private schools are in the US?

There are 34,576 private schools in the United States, serving 5.7 million PK-12 students. Private schools account for 25 percent of the nation’s schools and enroll 10 percent of all PK-12 students. Most private school students (78 percent) attend religiously-affiliated schools.

How many schools are in the US 2015
How many schools are in the US 2015

What’s the biggest high school in US?

Penn Foster High School is the largest high school in the United States by number of students.

What is the smallest high school in US?

Austin Area Junior Senior High School serves grades 7–12 and is the smallest school in the state.


In summary, there are about 98,000 schools in the US for 2015. This number is expected to increase with time as more people move into America and enroll their children in school.

Schools provide a safe environment where kids can learn from qualified teachers that have been trained at universities or community colleges here in the United States of America.

How many schools are in the US 2015
How many schools are in the US 2015

The majority of these schools follow a traditional educational system which centers around learning English and mathematics skills until students reach college level material such as calculus or chemistry courses.

Some other countries do not offer this type of education system because they believe it limits creativity but many Americans cherish this style as an essential part of our heritage today.

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