How To Check Injured Spouse Refund Status?


How To Check Injured Spouse Refund Status?

If it’s been longer than the number of weeks mentioned above, you can call the IRS to check the status of it. You can also call the IRS tax refund hotline at 800-829-4477, Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.Jun 7, 2019

Is the IRS processing injured spouse refund?

Generally, if you file Form 8379, Injured Spouse Allocation, with the original joint return, the IRS will process it before an offset occurs. As you’ll see on Form 8379, items on the joint return will be allocated for each spouse.

How long does it take to get injured spouse refund 2020?

According to the IRS instructions for Form 8379 – Injured Spouse Allocation: Generally, if you file Form 8379 with a joint return on paper, the time needed to process it is about 14 weeks (11 weeks if filed electronically).

Will my injured spouse refund be direct deposited?

Yes, the Injured Spouse Allocation, Form 8379 can be paid through Direct Deposit only if you E-File the form with your Tax Return. If you send it in the mail after you have filed, you will most likely receive a paper check in the mail.

How do I check on my injured spouse form?

Call the IRS at 800-829-1040. Calls are normally taken from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. local time. You can also reach out to a Taxpayer Assistance Service (TAS) location if you need additional help. The IRS has a locator tool on its website.

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How do I check my innocent spouse relief status?

If you need additional information on your Innocent Spouse Claim or on the Form 8857, Request for Innocent Spouse Relief, the toll free number is 1-855-851-2009.

How many years can you claim injured spouse?

You have three years from the due date of the original return (including extensions) or two years from the date that you paid the tax that was then offset, whichever is later. Certain circumstances may give you more time to file Form 8379.

Can injured spouse be denied?

The IRS recommends allowing 14 weeks for Form 8379, Injured Spouse Allocation, to process. The IRS will notify you by letter of acceptance or denial. If you are denied Injured Spouse relief, the IRS will give you 30 days to appeal the decision. An Injured Spouse request is different than an Innocent Spouse request.

Does filing injured spouse affect stimulus check?

By law, your second and third stimulus checks cannot be reduced to pay your or your spouse’s past due child support. Your second and third stimulus checks will not be offset for any Federal or state debts.

How can I speak to someone from the IRS?

How to speak directly to an IRS agent
  1. Call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 during their support hours. …
  2. Select your language, pressing 1 for English or 2 for Spanish.
  3. Press 2 for questions about your personal income taxes.
  4. Press 1 for questions about a form already filed or a payment.
  5. Press 3 for all other questions.

What’s the difference between innocent spouse and injured spouse?

Injured Spouse vs. Innocent Spouse. An injured spouse claim is for allocation of a refund of a joint refund while an innocent spouse claim is for relief or allocation of a joint and several liability reflected on a joint return.

What is innocent spouse?

The innocent spouse rule allows a taxpayer to avoid a tax obligation arising from errors made by a spouse on a joint return. Most commonly, the error involves unreported income or an inflated deduction. … The taxpayer must apply for relief within two years of the IRS initiating collection.

What happens when you file injured spouse?

The “injured” spouse on a jointly-filed tax return can file Form 8379 to regain their share of a joint refund that was seized to pay a past-due obligation of the other spouse. These obligations might include past-due federal tax, state tax, child support, or federal non-tax debt (such as a student loan).

What qualifies for innocent spouse relief?

Who qualifies for Innocent Spouse Relief?
  • You were/are married and filed a joint tax return.
  • Your former/current spouse improperly reported income on a joint return.
  • You can prove that when you signed said joint return, you either didn’t know or had no reason to know that the income was incorrectly reported.

What is the penalty for forging a signature on a tax return?

Penalties for Forgery in California

The maximum state penalty for felony forgery is 16 months in state prison or 2-3 years in a county jail. They also may be required to pay restitution and up to $10,000 in fine. A misdemeanor forgery conviction typically faces a year in county jail plus smaller financial penalties.

Can I file injured spouse if I had no income?

Since you have no income to report, filing Injured Spouse will make no difference for you at this point. The Injured Spouse divides your portion of income/withholding/dependents from your husband’s. Since there’s nothing to divide, you can file as usual.

What happens if my spouse filed a joint tax return without my consent?

If a joint return was filed without your consent, the IRS will automatically deem the non-consensual joint tax return to be fraudulent. … In addition, if the IRS decides that your spouse filed the joint return intentionally and without your consent, your spouse may have to go to jail.

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Can the IRS take my refund if my husband owes child support?

Yes. His refund can possibly be garnished for past due child support. You may be able to file an Injured Spouse claim on Form 8379.

Can injured spouse get earned income credit?

You can file for an injured spouse allocation only if you earned income during the tax year for which you are filing the allocation and you are not legally responsible for the debt.

Can you file injured spouse form every year?

Yes – If you still owe money to the IRS and you want to protect your wife’s part of any refund she needs to file a Form 8379 – Injured Spouse Allocation. The form can be included with the return or submitted separately.

Can I sue my ex for back taxes?

Are you asking if one spouse or ex-spouse can sue another? If so, the answer is yes. … That means that you owe all the tax, your spouse owes all the tax, and together you owe it. But if you end up paying all the tax ans some is your ex-spouse’s responsibility, you can sue her or him.

Is my spouse entitled to my tax refund?

Therefore, tax refunds resulting from income earned (and taxes paid) during the marriage are appropriately characterized as marital property, even if they area potentially received after the date of dissolution of marriage.

How can I find out if my ex filed taxes?

You can’t find out. The IRS will not disclose any information on a tax return to someone else who is not their legal representative.

Will child support Take My second stimulus check?

Past due child support will not be taken out of second stimulus check. The second stimulus bill prohibits seizing stimulus checks for most kinds of debt, including from private creditors and banks.

Why did I receive half of my stimulus check?

According to the IRS, the reason a filer would get their direct payment in two parts is linked to a tax return that includes an injured spouse claim. … In a few instances, one payment may come as a direct deposit and the other mailed. “The second payment may come the same week or within weeks of the first payment.

How come I didn’t get the full stimulus check?

If you aren’t normally required to file taxes and didn’t file a 2019 tax return (in 2020), you may be missing your third stimulus check because the IRS doesn‘t have your information to send you a payment.

Can I chat with IRS online?

Chat with the Website Help Desk for help navigating the IRS site. Online agents can answer questions regarding where to find forms or other information on the site, but not questions regarding your tax return or refund. Hours are 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday.

Why is my refund taking so long?

What’s Taking So Long? If you don’t receive your refund in 21 days, your tax return might need further review. This may happen if your return was incomplete or incorrect. … You may also experience delays if you claimed the Earned Income Tax Credit or the Additional Child Tax Credit.

Why is my refund still being processed after 21 days?

Be aware that the IRS is still facing a backlog of unprocessed individual returns, 2020 returns with errors and amended returns that require corrections or special handling. And while refunds typically take around 21 days to process, the IRS says delays could be up to 120 days.

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What happens if you marry someone who owes back taxes?

If you marry someone with a tax debt, you are not responsible legally to help repay those debts. That debt belongs solely to your spouse. Nearly every U.S. state recognizes that a spouse is not liable for premarital debt incurred by the other spouse. This not only goes for taxes but other debts as well.

Should I file separately if my husband owes taxes?

A: No. If your spouse incurred tax debt from a previous income tax filing before you were married, you are not liable. … Your spouse cannot receive money back from the IRS until they pay the agency what they owe. If your spouse owes back taxes when you tie the knot, file separately until they repay the debt.

Can couples change joint returns to separate returns separately from joints?

Yes, even if you’ve filed jointly for years, you can change your filing status to married filing separately on a new return whenever you wish. You won’t pay a penalty for changing your filing status. … If you change your filing status from joint to separate, you’ll usually pay more tax.

What qualifies as an injured spouse?

You may be an injured spouse if you file a joint return and all or part of your portion of the overpayment was, or is expected to be, applied (offset) to your spouse’s legally enforceable past-due federal tax, state income tax, state unemployment compensation debts, child support, or a federal nontax debt, such as a …

When married can you still file separately?

If you’re married, you may choose to use the married filing separately status in any year. Once you’ve actually filed your return as married filing jointly though, you can’t amend that return to file two separate returns using the married filing separately status.

What are the advantages to filing separately?

Advantages of Filing Separate Returns

By using the Married Filing Separately filing status, you will keep your own tax liability separate from your spouse’s tax liability. When you file a joint return, you will each be responsible for your combined tax bill (if either of you owes taxes).

How long does injured spouse refund take 2021?

Generally: If you file Form 8379 with a joint return electronically, the time needed to process it is about 11 weeks. If you file Form 8379 with a joint return on paper, the time needed is about 14 weeks. If you file Form 8379 by itself after a joint return has already been processed, the time needed is about 8 weeks.

How long does injured spouse refund take 2020?

about 14 weeks
According to the IRS instructions for Form 8379 – Injured Spouse Allocation: Generally, if you file Form 8379 with a joint return on paper, the time needed to process it is about 14 weeks (11 weeks if filed electronically).

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