How To Find A Public List On Amazon?


How To Find A Public List On Amazon?

Hover over Accounts & Lists and select Find a List or Registry. Select the Your Friends tab. Friends who shared their lists with you show up on this screen. To request access to a friend’s list, compose a note or use the one provided and then select Email this message.Apr 25, 2021

How do I find someone’s public list on Amazon?

Go to in your browser and navigate to “Account and Lists.” Go to “Your Friends” and you’ll be able to see the lists of friends who shared their lists. Request access to a friend’s list by composing a note in the field provided and then click on “Email this message”.

What is a public list on Amazon?

How to manage an Amazon wish list
  • ‘Private’ – means that it is visible only to you.
  • ‘Public’ – means that it can be viewed by anybody.
  • ‘Shared’ – means that only specific people that you share the list with can view it.
  • You can then choose to manage your list with the help of Alexa or Amazon Echo as well.

How do you follow someone on Amazon?

How can strangers buy from my Amazon wishlist?

Here’s how it’s done, at least with the U.S. version of Amazon!
  1. On Amazon, click on “Accounts and Lists” near the top right of your page. …
  2. On the next page, search for a random first name. …
  3. Now you start searching strangers’ wish lists for something you might like to buy for somebody.
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How do I find someone’s list on Amazon app?

Access the “Amazon Store” app on you iOS or Android phone. Tap on the “hamburger icon” (menu icon) in the top-left corner of the app. Select “Your Lists.” Use the “Search” field to find the person who has the shared list from their Amazon Wish Lists.

Does Amazon have a Wish List?

Go to, hover over “Accounts & Lists” in the upper-right, and select “Create a List.” 2. In the Create a List box, select “You” (in order to keep your address private) and “Wish List,” then enter a descriptive List name, and select a Privacy setting.

How do I find someone’s favorites list on Amazon?

How to Find a Friend’s Amazon Wish List
  1. Hover over Accounts & Lists and select Find a List or Registry.
  2. Select the Your Friends tab. Friends who shared their lists with you show up on this screen.
  3. To request access to a friend’s list, compose a note or use the one provided and then select Email this message.

Can you see who looks at your Amazon Wish List?

Unfortunately not. You can see how many page views your purchased products have received – have a look in Business Reports in your seller account.

How do I find my Amazon Wish List URL?

How do I find my Amazon Wish List URL?
  1. Log in to your account and find the Wish List option located under the “Account & Lists” tab.
  2. Click the Share link at the top of your wish list page.
  3. Copy the Wish List Link shown into your Punchbowl event.

How do you find authors you are following on Amazon?

It’s on your profile page. Click on your name at the top of your post, or you can go up to the top of any Amazon page and click “‘s”, then “Your Profile”.

Who are some Amazon influencers?

Top 10 Amazon influencers
  • Larry Lubarsky. You might know him as Larry Lubarsky, or you might know him as Watch Me Amazon. …
  • Steve Chou. …
  • Kevin Blackburn. …
  • Dan Vas. …
  • Stephen Smotherman. …
  • Andrew Youderian. …
  • Richard Lazazzera. …
  • Rachel Greer.

How do I find my Amazon profile?

1) Go to (I have linked to it so you can open the profile page in a new tab). 2) From the drop down menu of Your Account, click on Your Account. 3) On Your Account page you will see “Your Amazon profile” link. Click to go to your Amazon Profile page.

How do I make an Amazon Wish List Anonymous?

To change your Amazon wish list settings, open up Amazon on the web, hover over Account & Lists and click Wish List. On this page, click “List settings” in the top right corner. Next to your Wish List (or any list you want to edit), click the drop down under Privacy and click Private.

What is a Wish List online?

Online. An online wish list typically allows a registered user to create a wish list, add wishes to it, and then spread a link to the wish list via email or social media like Facebook and Twitter. Visitors to the published wish list can in most cases comment wishes and reserve them.

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How do I see recommendations on Amazon?

If you select View All & Manage, you’ll see a Why recommended? link under the category header. If you select that link, we’ll show you which of your previous ratings, wish list additions, or purchases influenced our suggestion. You can tell us about an item you like, even if you didn’t purchase it on Amazon.

How do I find a teacher’s wishlist on Amazon?

Log on to the Amazon App and click the settings icon in the top left corner -> your lists. Scroll down and click on “Find a List or Registry”. You will see an option for your list and your friend’s lists.

How do I share my Amazon list?

Share your Amazon wish list on your mobile app (iPhone or Android)
  1. Open the Amazon app on your phone or tablet.
  2. Tap the bottom-right menu.
  3. Choose “Your Lists”.
  4. Tap on “Invite to List”.
  5. Choose between the “View Only” and “View and Edit” options.
  6. Choose how to share the list.

How do I make an Amazon contribution list?

To contribute to a gift:
  1. Browse the registry.
  2. Select Contribute or View purchase options next to the gift.
  3. Select Contribute to Gift and enter a dollar amount to contribute (minimum $1).
  4. Select Add Contribution to Cart.
  5. Select Proceed to Checkout to purchase the contribution.

How do I see my hearts on Amazon?

Those items will go to the Your Lists section, you can access them this way:
  1. Open the Amazon shopping app.
  2. Select the icon with the three lines showing up at the top left corner.
  3. Then select Your Lists and done.

What happens when someone buys from Amazon Wish List?

When someone purchases something on another person’s wish list, that item is shipped to the wish list creator. We’ll go into more detail about this below, but essentially, a person will only receive notifications if they’ve set them to send an alert when something on their list is purchased.

What is a Wish List on Amazon?

A wish list is a virtual shopping list provided by Amazon that shows items that an individual or couple would like. Friends of the individual/couple can then search for the specific list and purchase an item from it, confident that they are buying something the individual/couple wants and will appreciate.

What is a Wish List URL?

When a shopper wants to share his wishlist, there is an unique URL for that purpose, e.g.: That works great if the URL is send via email.

How do I see an Amazon Wish List by email?

Simply navigate to Amazon’s Find a Wish List page to search. You can query via e-mail address or name and city or state. In related news, Amazon makes it easy to make your own Wish List public or private or somewhere in between.

What happens when you follow an author on Amazon?

The Amazon Follow button is literally a button that allows Amazon users to follow you through the Amazon network—as one would on a social media site. When a reader clicks the “Follow” button on your author page, they give Amazon permission to share updates that you share on their site.

How do I unfollow an author on Kindle?

It is easy to unfollow an author on Amazon. Simply open the profile of the person you wish to unfollow and click on the Unfollow button. Voila! They will never be heard from again in your entire life.

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How do you find authors you follow on Goodreads?

Use the desktop site. On the top of any page click on the friends icon. Then click on authors you follow.

How do I find an influencer?

10 Ways to Find Influencers as a New Brand
  1. 1- Start with hashtags. …
  2. 2- Use Google… the smart way. …
  3. 3- Scan competitors’ mentions & tags. …
  4. 4- Search by keywords on YouTube. …
  5. 5- Start following blogs and bloggers. …
  6. 6- Use influencer tools or databases. …
  7. 7- Recruit through your brand’s website to find influencers as a new brand.

Do Amazon influencers get paid?

Yes, Amazon influencers get paid — mostly through affiliate programs. The commission structure for the Amazon influencer program is the same as the Associates like you can receive Bounties when your followers sign up for Prime or Audible.

How many followers do you need to be an influencer?

Even though it is said that there is no magic number yet there is a specific number of followers that make one fall in the category of a ‘powerful’ or a ‘strong’ influencer. It is commonly believed that one needs to have around 15K-30K followers and more to be an influencer, which is true to a large extent.

How do I change my view settings on Amazon?

To change your account settings: In Your Account, go to Login & security. Next to the account information you’d like to update, select Edit. Follow the on-screen instructions and select Save Changes.

Where is my Amazon seller URL?

To get here, either find the link to your storefront in Seller Central, or go to one of your product listings, click the link in the “sold by” Section, then the link that says “[Seller Name] Storefront”. You’ll see two IDs in the URL: the Amazon Marketplace ID (e.g.,, etc), and your Merchant ID.

How do I find seller profile on Amazon?

Log into your Amazon seller account. On Seller Central, go to the Settings menu and select Account Info to view your Seller Account Information page.

Can you have an anonymous Amazon account?

The easiest way to hide your purchases from your family is through an Amazon Household Account. This option is for Prime members only, allowing you to share Amazon benefits with another adult, teens, and children in your household.

What is the point of wish list?

Definition: Wish lists are collections of desired products saved by customers to their user account, signifying interest without immediate intent to purchase. Offering wish lists is an effective way to reduce shopping cart abandonment and fulfill sales from customers who showed intent but didn’t end up purchasing.

How To Create And Share An Amazon List

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