What Do School Custodians Do?

What Do School Custodians Do?

A school custodian cleans the buildings, equipment, and furnishings of a school. As a school custodian, your responsibilities include ensuring the common areas, offices, and classrooms are clean. You also maintain the cleaning equipment and ensure everything needed for cleaning the school is stocked and ready.

What are the duties of a custodian?

Duties and Responsibilities

Performs general, routine custodial duties, to include dusting, mopping, vacuuming, cleaning restrooms, and restocking paper and soap supplies. Performs routine maintenance to custodial equipment and supplies.

What do school custodians do during the day?

Sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, washing windows, scrubbing tables and desktops, emptying trash cans, sanitizing washrooms . . . School Custodians do whatever tasks are needed to keep the facility looking good and functioning properly.

Is being a school custodian hard?

The work is difficult and physically demanding.

Janitorial work is hard, and often, unpleasant. Depending on the environment, janitorial work includes cleaning all types of bodily fluids, removing trash filled with food, liquids and other items, lifting heavy bags of trash, and scrubbing floors.

What makes a good school custodian?

The custodian supervisor must have a strong work ethic and be open to working irregular shifts in harsh and physically demanding situations. She should be flexible and able to coordinate routine maintenance so there is minimal disruption. Excellent time management skills are needed to efficiently complete daily tasks.

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Is a custodian a janitor?

In general, a custodian is someone who takes care of or is in charge of the same building or property at any given time of the day. A janitor comes to a location specifically to clean at a set time, typically either morning or nighttime.

Is a custodian a career?

Custodians are an essential job at every business. They clean and keep the building in orderly condition. … Usually, custodians learn while they’re on the job. For the most part, there aren’t any education requirements.

What do school custodians do in the summer?

You may receive a short break, but over the summer, important cleaning and maintenance projects take place that the staff could not accomplish while school was in session. Such projects may include deep cleaning all the carpets in the classrooms, cleaning walls and touching up paint, and more.

What’s it like to be a school custodian?

Cleaning work is often physically demanding, one of the biggest disadvantages of being a janitor. Janitors can easily get scrapes and bruises from cleaning, moving equipment and using tools to fix things. You may also be exposed to cleaning chemicals that can cause problems if you inhale or accidentally ingest them.

What does a night custodian do?

The Night Custodian performs responsible building cleaning duties; all other related work as required, to provide students and staff with safe, attractive, comfortable, clean and efficient facilities in which to learn and teach.

Do custodians make good money?

School Custodian Salary

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the 2,145,450 janitors and building cleaners employed in the U.S. in 2019 earned an average annual salary of ​$30,010​. Of that total, 310,770 worked as school custodians earning a slightly higher average wage of ​$33,510​ per year.

What do school custodians wear?

Although custodians typically perform their job duties in uniform or casual attire, for interview purposes it is advisable to dress conservatively but professionally. Wearing a pressed pair of slacks and a button-down shirt or blouse is appropriate as you want to communicate a professional attitude.

Liang Zhao Zhang, who works for regional rail network Bay Area Rapid Transport (BART), may be the best paid janitor in the world, with his generous basic salary of £45,000 a year and another £11,500 in company benefits.

How do I become a school janitor?

You can follow these steps to become a janitor:
  1. Get a high school diploma or equivalent. You typically need a high school diploma or GED to become a janitor. …
  2. Undergo training. Most of the training you’ll receive will be on the job. …
  3. Gain experience. …
  4. Earn technical certifications.

What are custodial skills?

Many custodial and janitorial roles require you to have a basic knowledge of cleaning procedures and supplies.

Cleaning skills
  • Operating cleaning equipment like floor buffers.
  • Safe use of chemicals.
  • Sanitation and disinfect.
  • Washing, waxing and polishing floors.
  • Dusting, sweeping and vacuuming.
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How do you become a custodian?

Here are some steps you can follow to become a custodian:
  1. Pursue an education. A high school diploma or GED is a basic requirement for becoming a custodian.
  2. Accumulate work experience. …
  3. Earn certifications. …
  4. Create a resume. …
  5. Search for open positions.

What is the difference between custodian and custodial?

Define Custodian

Custodians are individuals or legal entities charged with safeguarding another person’s property or accounts. Legal entities such as banks are also a form of custodian known as a custodial institution. Custodial institutions hold and maintain assets for customers.

What is a female janitor called?

: a female janitor : charwoman.

Which is better janitor or custodian?

A janitor often times refers more specifically to the work they do, that of cleaning. A custodian is portrayed as more than just a cleaner. He also maintains and takes care of a building as well as performing cleaning tasks. In a school setting, custodian is the preferred term.

How long does it take to become a custodian?

Because custodian positions are physical in nature, individuals interested in this career should be in good physical condition, able to lift heavy objects and meet the requirements of the job. Custodian training programs generally can be completed in less than one year of full-time study.

What should a custodian know?

5 Custodian Interview Questions They’ll Likely Ask
  • Do you have the patience to deal with the general public while cleaning? …
  • Do you have any custodial experience? …
  • How often do you believe that cleaning implements should be cleaned and maintained? …
  • How will you stay motivated doing repetitive cleaning tasks?

Do school custodians get drug tested?

To become a school custodian, you will likely need to pass a drug test as well as a background check.

Do janitors get days off?

No, they work all year long. Custodial workers had to work part time during the holidays cleaning, waxing and other duties.

Is janitor a good career?

Being a janitor has its perks: flexible schedules, including opportunities for part-time work, and no formal education requirements. Although janitors with prior experience make more attractive job candidates, it is possible to land a position with little to no experience and then receive on-the-job training.

Can you make a living as a janitor?

Janitors acquire their skills through on-the-job training. They often start out working under a supervisor who instructs them on how to clean according to company standards. … The median (midpoint) of the janitor salary scale is $27,430 per year, meaning half earn more than that amount, while half earn less.

Can you listen to music as a janitor?

Being a janitor is a good job, so long as you don’t mind cleaning and performing repetitive work. As a janitor, you can be your own boss being left alone to work at your own pace. You can largely keep to yourself and can listen to music or podcast while working.

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What is a custodian 1?

Custodian I. This is an entry-level position involving a variety of light to heavy cleaning tasks performed independently in specific areas or as a member of a crew. Under general supervision, the employee performs tasks during the assigned shift to ensure cleanliness of assigned areas, and do related work as required.

What is the difference between custodian 1 and 2?

This position is distinguished from Custodian I which is the entry level position because the Custodian II exercises greater independence and initiative in the performance of their duties and may supervise Custodian І’s and/or other designated staff on a limited basis.

What is the meaning of janitor’s?

1 : one who keeps the premises of a building (such as an apartment or office) clean, tends the heating system, and makes minor repairs. 2 : doorkeeper.

Every two weeks. Payment is via direct deposit biweekly.

How much does a custodian make annually?

In Alberta, the 6733: Janitors, caretakers and building superintendents occupational group is expected to have an above-average annual growth of 2% from 2019 to 2023.

Northern Lakes College.
Average Wage $22.44 / hr
Average Salary $39,140.00 / yr
Hours Per Week 34.1 hrs

How much do lunch ladies make?

Lunch Lady Salaries
Job Title Salary
Sodexo USA Lunch Lady salaries – 3 salaries reported $14/hr
Big Lots Lunch Lady salaries – 1 salaries reported $15,535/yr
Compass Group Lunch Lady salaries – 1 salaries reported $11/hr
Amazon Lab126 Lunch Lady salaries – 1 salaries reported $11/hr

Can janitors wear shorts?

Professional Janitors Have Appropriate Dress And Working Equipment. … The cleaning staff comes to work in sandals, shorts, cut off shirts and other inappropriate dress simply because they do not have to interact with your staff.

Do janitors have uniforms?

A clean professional janitor uniform will stress to your clients and customers the importance your company puts on cleanliness in the workplace. … Custom Polo Shirts are the go-to uniform top for businesses. These shirts are comfortable to wear and work in.

What is the lowest paying job in the world?

The Lowest Paying Career
  • Hotel, motel, and resort desk clerks. Median annual earnings: $27,768. …
  • Food servers, non-restaurant. Median annual earnings: $27,612. …
  • Dishwashers. Median annual earnings: $27,456. …
  • Waiters and waitresses. …
  • Cooks. …
  • Food preparation workers. …
  • Dining room and cafeteria attendants and bartender helpers. …
  • Cashiers.

What do you do? Elementary School Custodian

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