What Part Of Speech Is Reputation?

What Part Of Speech Is Reputation?

The word ‘reputation’ functions as a noun.

Is reputation a noun or adjective?

REPUTATION (noun) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What does reputation mean in speech?

part of speech: noun. definition 1: the level of respect with which a person is thought of by others. She has a good reputation because she is kind and talented.

Is reputation a proper noun?

What type of word is ‘reputation’? Reputation is a noun – Word Type.

Is reputation an abstract noun?

The following are common examples of abstract nouns.

198 Examples of an Abstract Noun.
Ability Action
Reputation Restoration
Riches Right
Rule Rumor
Sacrifice Sanity
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What noun is reputation?

noun. noun. /ˌrɛpyəˈteɪʃn/ [countable, uncountable] the opinion that people have about what someone or something is like, based on what has happened in the past to earn/establish/build a reputation to have a good/bad reputation reputation (as something) She soon acquired a reputation as a first-class cook.

What is the adjective of reputation?

Adjectives often applied to “reputation”: good, great, excellent, bad, stellar, tarnished, evil, damaged, dubious, spotless, terrible, ruined, horrible, lost, literary, corporate, global, personal, academic, scientific, posthumous, moral, artistic.

What is the base word of reputation?

Reputation comes from the Latin word reputationem, which means “consideration.” It’s how people consider, or label, you — good or bad.

Does Rep mean reputation?

rep, n. a slang abbreviation of reputation.

What is the verb form of reputation?

repute. (transitive) To attribute or credit something to something; to impute. (transitive) To consider, think, esteem, reckon (a person or thing) to be, or as being, something.

Is reputation countable or uncountable noun?

THESAURUSreputation noun [countable] the opinion that people have about a person, organization etc because of what has happened in the pastShe was a good lawyer with a reputation for honesty and diligence. The school had an excellent reputation.

How do you use the word reputation?

Reputation sentence example
  1. His reputation for being rough on rookies was well earned. …
  2. He made his reputation fighting them. …
  3. The reputation of his learning led Majorianus to treat him with the greatest respect. …
  4. “I don’t have a reputation ,” she responded archly. …
  5. Maybe.

Can a thing have a reputation?

To have a reputation for something means to be known or remembered for it. Something’s or someone’s reputation is the opinion that people have about how good they are. … If they have a good reputation, people think they are good.

Is enemy an abstract noun?

Nouns are the naming words of a person, place or thing. … Abstract nouns can be formed by adding suffix like, -tion, -ence, -ship and so forth. Therefore, the abstract noun for. Enemy – Enmity.

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Is conscious an abstract noun?

Abstract nouns represent things, feelings or emotions that we cannot represent with our five senses (vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch), so to speak. Such abstract nouns are for example love, hate, fare, consciousness, feelings etc.

Is truth an abstract noun?

In the given sentence ‘Always speak the truth,’ the word ‘truth’ is an abstract noun. An abstract noun is a type of common noun that refers to a feeling, quality, state or characteristic. It does not refer to material objects and people. Strength, beauty and attraction are examples of abstract nouns.

What reputation means?

1a : overall quality or character as seen or judged by people in general. b : recognition by other people of some characteristic or ability has the reputation of being clever. 2 : a place in public esteem or regard : good name trying to protect his reputation.

What is family reputation?

Good family reputation occurs when a family is thought of positively, or held in high esteem, by members of their community or society. … It is important for a family to have a good family reputation because: 1. Good family reputation brings about respect and favour to members of such a family.

What are the types of reputation?

These are split into two broad categories: (a) outcome/capability reputation and (b) behavior/character reputation, which is intended to capture both the economic and sociological forms of reputation.

What do you mean by reputation management?

Reputation management is the practice of influencing stakeholder perceptions and public conversations about an organization and its brands. It includes monitoring perceptions and conversations, responding to reputation threats and proactively seizing opportunities to boost reputation.

What are synonyms for reputation?

synonyms for reputation
  • character.
  • fame.
  • honor.
  • influence.
  • name.
  • notoriety.
  • opinion.
  • position.

What is general reputation?

general reputation. n. The character of a witness as portrayed by testimony of people who know him or her.

What is the adjective of character?

character. adjective. Definition of character (Entry 2 of 3) 1 : capable of portraying an unusual or eccentric personality often markedly different from the player a character actor. 2 : requiring or involving the portrayal of an unusual or eccentric personality a character role.

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What does the word reputation mean in the context of the passage?

the opinion that people in general have about someone or something, or how much respect or admiration someone or something receives, based on past behaviour or character: The company has a worldwide reputation for quality. She has the reputation of being a good doctor. … The hotel has a bad/good reputation.

What are some examples of reputation?

Reputation is the way you are viewed by people and by your community and the way these people think of you. An example of reputation is the general belief that someone is a nice, honest and hard working person. Such estimation when favorable; good repute; good name. To lose one’s reputation.

Is Reputationally a real word?

The word reputationally does not technically exist within the English lexicon.

Does reputation have a plural form?

The plural form of reputation; more than one (kind of) reputation.

Which part of speech is its?

Explanation: It is a personal pronoun, and its is a possesive pronoun relating to personal pronoun it.

What is the meaning of earned them the reputation?

countable noun. To have a reputation for something means to be known or remembered for it.

What is sentence of reputation?

He got a reputation for being an honest politician. He has a bad reputation for being dishonest. He has a reputation for never getting things done on time. He has a good reputation no matter where he goes. He has a reputation for taking a long time to make a decision.

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